Relevant Beliefs



To show our community the church is still relevant in a changing culture.


  • Relevant Worship - Worship freely in a modern enviroment
  • Relevant Preaching - Connecting our community to Jesus Christ
  • Relevant Community Service - Being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our community
  • Relevant Small Groups - Connecting people together to deal with real life issues


  • Focusing on expository preaching and teaching
  • Holding the infallible word of God as our guide and rule of life.
  • Making prayer a strand in our DNA of our church
  • To set a mode of true worship in our lives and in our services.
  • You can’t do life alone, to be a family of God’s children, supporting, loving and helping each other.
  • To serve one another by using our spiritual gifts in our community and for our fellow believers in Christ.
  • Passion for serving our community by showing that the church is still relevant and is important in the health of our community.


  • Gather: together and around our community
  • Grow: in our relationship to Christ and each other
  • Give: our Time, Talents and Tithes
  • Go: be the Hand, Feet and Heart of Jesus


To learn about Relevant's Theology and Doctrine, click the link below 

The Baptist Faith and Message